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Scalp Treatment

This instrument uses a bio-energy and ultra-pulse laser irradiation of light directly on the affected area of hair loss. Laser light is launched into the roots of the hair follicle, through the laser wavelength 650nm light and the role of multiple energy to activate shrinking hair follicle cells, improve the blood supply around the capillaries, the blood circulation around hair follicle accelerated to more oxygen, as watering to a small tree to make it grow faster.

To respect the time of clients and staff, we ask you to be on time for your appointment. Clients who arrive late will receive their treatment for the remainder of the scheduled time. Clients who arrive more than 30 minutes late will forfeit their appointment and need to reschedule.

Kindly be advised that notifications will be issued upon completion of treatment for all hair submitted. Ensure timely retrieval of your hair or opt for courier services if unable to collect, as storage space for wigs is limited. Failure to comply will incur a daily fine of R10 until the hair is collected.

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